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Our Services

Our Services

1st Class Service Each Time!

Tire Services

Engine Repair

Brake Service


Service Prices

To provide you with the best value we've created value packed packages, if any of these services are needed individually, please contact us directly for pricing as the year, make & model of car can affect pricing.

Minor Car Maintenance


Best Package Offer

Change Oil and Replacing Wiper Blades

Change Oil

Brake Pads &Rotating Tires

Battery Condition Check

Intermediate Maintenance


Best for Intermediate Check

Rotating Tires

Change Oil

Battery Replacement

Fluids Top-Off (Brake, Steering, Oil, Coolant, etc)

Major Maintenance


Best for Major Check

Engine Service/Replacement

Collission Repair

Head Gaskets

A/C Repair

Detailing Services


Hand Wash & Dry


Tire Shine

Vacuum/Upholstery Cleaning

Get Your 10% Off On Any Service Today!

Your Auto Needs, LLC offers a wide variety of vehicles and parts, should you purchase your vehicle or parts through YAN, you'll receive a discount to show our gratitude & appreciation for your business.

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